Janet Belarmino is one of the first Filipinas to summit Mt. Everest last May 16, 2007.Her husband Todd Forney is one of the few who single handedly sailed around the world without an engine for 10 years. Janet and Todd’s talk aims to draw the soft skills and virtues that are relevant to an entrepreneurship mindset and promises to shed light on their expeditions in life- one in which they never signed up for. Their keynote gives fascinating insights into leadership, planning and preparation, motivation, inspiration, team dynamics, risk, improving performance & project management. 

Janet and Todd engages their audience in a positive yet real life stories that will shed some light for others who find themselves on their darkest paths or amidst the hardest challenges in their struggle of life. 

Todd Forney collaborates with Janet’s talk as he narrates how he has single handedly sailed around the world more than 30,000 mile without an engine More astronauts have circled the earth than single handed sailors. 

Each day they push forward, trying to cross wider oceans and summit a greater and higher Everest. Together they share their triumph and tragedy experiences to succeed and be triumphant again. To speak and share these real life stories, they convey a lasting message of not giving up no matter what, so that one can discover and achieve more than what one ever thought was possible. 

After climbing Mt. Everest, Janet sailed with her husband Todd Forney and son Himalaya in 2012 on their 32 ft Tahiti Ketch from Langkawi Malaysia, down the Malacca, around Singapore, across the North coast of Borneo and up the West Coast of Palawan. That same year, Janet and Todd started BELARMINO VENTURES which provides Palawan Island Boat Expeditions in Northern Palawan and high altitude Himalayan Mountaineering Expeditions and Motivational Keynote Talks-real life stories from the world of adventure, exploration and endurance. Recently she started a floating accommodation in Coron for travelers and like minded people as well as a news site that features Adventure News Online. 

Janet and Todd have pushed themselves to the edge. Last August 2017, the unexpected tragedy and untimely death of their daughter recently led her and her family on the hardest expedition they have ever experienced, an expedition they never signed up for. A 30 day trek to the valley of memories where she and her husband built a memorial for their daughter, Amihan, at 5000mtrs asl – turning tragedy into transformation, loss into legacy. They are someone who has taken on some of the hardest and most treacherous journeys on the planet. In short, they are precisely the kind of persons to inspire others to achieve great things. 

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